New ODI Rule – 5 fielder on Boundary will expose a Few……..

Friends, today’s article is not about cricket astrology or prediction, but how the change in the ODI rule may affect a few. Till June this year, we had a rule of limiting 4 fielders on the boundary. This rule saw frequent scores of 300+ in ODI’s. Even in the World cup we saw scores of 300+ on so called bouncy, fast Australian wickets.

I saw this match India vs SA ODI in Kanpur and like most spectators felt India should have easily won the match. But what made the difference? Strong Indian batting line up, reasonably flat wicket, home conditions – but still India couldn’t win the match, especially with MS Dhoni at the crease. Last 3 overs 30 odd to get, India should have done it, but a veteran like Dhoni was finding it difficult to pierce the field. His 31 of 30 balls, was generally a struggle and at a stage when the required rate was mounting, he wasn’t able to find the fence.

Many would disagree on the Title as it is not right to make a statement based on 1 match but this is what generally may be seen in ODI’s going forward –

1) Last 10 overs may not prove to be in the favor of batsmen & chasing at 9 Runs per over with decent wickets in hand may not be easy (refer India VS SA 3rd ODI, India couldn’t chase in 90 odd in last 10 overs & lost by 18 runs)
2) Bowlers no longer have to fear in death overs as economy rate will be better as compared to prior this Rule change & also their strike rate (taking wickets) will improve in last overs.
3) Most Imp – We won’t see teams scoring 300+ easily from now on (already seen the trend in flat Indian tracks in the current India SA series)
4) Teams can start looking to defend scores below 300 on good batting pitches.
5) This rule will certainly expose many middle & lower middle order batsmen.
6) And last but not the least – This rule will make the make the battle between Bat & Ball a little more balanced.

Cricket World Cup 2015 Astrology Prediction

Dear All Friends, welcome to the pre tournament analysis – World Cup 2015 Astrology Prediction.
Let us look at teams from both the groups, starting with Group A.

England – A decent team with good bowling attack. They surprised us by their performance in tri-series but as expected crumbled in the finals. In this world Cup, they may repeat similar kind of performance as in tri- series. Mix of good & bad, but ultimately that won’t be good enough for them for winning this Title.

Australia – Easily one of the best sides, considering their recent performance & also the fact they are playing in their own backyard. Given the strength of Australian team they may put up good show, but hold on… Australian fans could be in for huge disappointment (since they expect no less than winning the Title -:) ).
This is a VERY BOLD STATEMENT – But as per our calculations, Australia even if they play well initially is likely to falter in one of the deciders (it could be Quarter Finals, Semi Final or Final). So Winning the Title doesn’t seem to be going Australia’s way.. at least this time.

Sri Lanka – A team to watch out from Group A. They will be consistent and can go long way in this tournament. So one of the 4 favorites as per our calculations.

New Zealand – Like Australia, New Zealand playing in own backyard will help them; But don’t expect extraordinary performance from them. May find it difficult to go past beyond semis.

Now so far we have given only “1” favorites (favorites is nothing but a team likely to win the title or at least be in semis), so where are other 3? Yes they are all from Group B. Let’s see –

South Africa – Clearly the favorites to win this World Cup. A great side with all round strength. Some how luck has deserted them in previous world cups, but how long? Not this time as 2015 World Cup can prove their best chance to lift the Trophy.

India – Winners of 2011 World Cup, can India defend the title? Going by the current form and Australian conditions, experts have written them off. But what does Astrology say? Yes, unfortunately we have to agree with experts. Don’t expect any thing spectacular from Indian team. It will be a mix of good & bad performance for them (which is never good in tournament like world Cup, your bad day may be in one of the deciders & you are Out)

West Indies – After Sri Lanka & South Africa, our Money is on Windies (hey we are not gamblers -:) ). But yes, Astrologically West Indies is 3rd team to watch out for. Suddenly you may see a Gayle storm (if not Gayle, some one else – forgive us, we don’t have details of all their players) tearing away opposition.

Pakistan – A big Surprise of World Cup 2015 – Team no 4 to watch out for. A team which is fighting internally with problems, seems very weak on paper (No balling legends like Waqar, Wasim, Shoaib), but they may do well in-spite of all Odds.

P.S. – They say it’s all written in Stars, but we say it’s 60% Stars (your luck factor, destiny) & 40% Karma (your efforts, dedication). So take this prediction with a pinch of salt & don’t forget to rate this and also let us know who according to you is favorites to win the World Cup 2015.

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Tri series in Australia – India, Australia & England

The 2015 Carlton Mid Tri-Series One Day International cricket tournament will be held in Australia. It is a tri-nation series between Australia, England and India. Unlike previous Australian tri-nation series, each team will only play the others twice, resulting in half the matches, as the 2015 Cricket World Cup will follow the series. Since all eyes are on World Cup 2015, this series is just like a “rehearsal” for all 3 teams (as irrespective of the performance in this tri series, all 3 teams would want to do well in World cup). Till then, let’s see how teams will do in this tri-series from astrological perspective. Australia, after winning the Test series against India are likely to continue with the good show. Don’t under estimate team India (even though they lost the test series, this is a different format) as Men in Blue will also impress with their performance. England can learn some hard lessons here, and only positive for them (even in case their performance is below par) is they should look at this as “rehearsal” and address short comings before the world cup.
So our pick is both Australia & India likely to do well in this tri-series, with India having slight edge.

We will look in world cup prediction shortly, and focus in depth on Indian team as well.

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Champions League T20 Cricket Prediction

Champions league T20 has begun. 10 teams, divided in 2 groups will battle it out for winning the trophy. Lets see prospect of all the teams in this tournament from Astrological perspective.

Group A
KKR (India) – Winners of IPL t20 this summer are starting as one of the favorites as per Cricket Pundits. But as per Astrological perspective their performance will lack consistency. They are likely to play good at certain times and perform below par on certain occasions.

Dolphins (South Africa) – From Astro perspective their performance won’t be noteworthy.

Perth Scorchers (Australia) – Team to watch out for,as they can display some good cricket.

CSK (India) – Generally a very strong side in T20, but this time their performance will just be average.

Lahore Lions – Surprise Element; This team can shock cricket fans – Look out for them.

Group B

KXIP (India) – They played fantastic cricket out throughout the summer in IPL, but lost in Finals. Fans are expecting that this time they may see KXIP fulfill their unrealized dreams. From Astro perspective stars are not favorable for them in this tournament. If they manage to go past the first stage of tournament, they are likely to falter in later stages.

Cape Cobras (South Africa) – Team to watch out from Group B. Their are likely to do well.

Hobart Hurricanes (Australia) – Their performance can be from average to good.

Barbados Tridents (West Indies) – Another team from Group B to watch out for. Likely to do well

Northen Knights – Performance can be fluctuating with a mix of some and good performance.

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England VS India Aug 2014, 1st 3 ODI’s

England India ODI series is about to start, let’s see whether Indian team can play to their reputation and win some pride after the drubbing in recent Test series. Right now we are looking at pre-match predictive analysis for 1st part of the series, i.e. 3 ODI’s which will be played on 25th, 27th and 30th August respectively.
It seems that England side will carry the winning momentum for first part of the series – so overall performance, England will have edge as compared to team India. Coming to India’s performance, supporters can expect some good work in Bowling and Fielding department, but Batting can again let them down. M S Dhoni has to be very careful about this and need to focus on strengthening the batting by selecting right combination. Ajinkya Rahane and Sanju Samson (if given chance) can do well.

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IPL 2014 Cricket Predictions

IPL 2014 has already started & we are little late this time with our pre-tournament Astro cricket analysis,  but still a long way to go as there are overall 60 matches to be played and we have just witnessed 7 matches (so approx 90% of thrill still remaining -:). Let’s have a look at prospect of all teams from Astro Predictive Analysis perspective. We have taken in to account planetary movements in transit +worked out some charts as per horary etc and assigned some score for each of the participating 8 teams. Higher the score better are the chances of that team in this tournament.

Chennai Super Kings – One of the consistent teams ever since IPL began. But this time around our rating for CSK is decent, don’t see them go far in this tournament.

Rajasthan Royals – Decent outing last time around, RR will find it difficult this season. Rating is below average

Sunrisers Hyderabad – Same like Rajasthan Royals, below average rating for this team as well.

Mumbai Indians – Don’t be surprised if you see MI lift the trophy again -:). Very good score of 8+ as per our calculations

Royal Challengers Bangalore – Another team to watch out along with Mumbai Indians. Likely to go far in the tournament. Rating of 8 for RCB

Kolkata Knight Riders – Their performance will be anywhere between average to good, but certainly not extraordinary. Average rating 5 for them

Kings XI Punjab – One team whose performance can fluctuate is Kings XI Punjab. They may play really well some days and be below par on some days. Inconsistency will hamper their chances of going far in tournament.

Delhi Daredevils – Team to watch out for – Our rating is good for them (score in excess of 7) and they are likely to perform well in this IPL.

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T 20 World Cup 2014 Predictions

After successfully predicting Sri lanka as hot favorites to win the Asia Cup, we now move on to the ICC World Twenty20 2014 or T 20 cricket tournament. The two groups of the Super 10 stage are:

Group 1 – Sri Lanka, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Group B Qualifier 1

Group 2 – West Indies, India, Pakistan, Australia, Group A Qualifier 1.

Planetary positions – Mars retrograde (moving in Virgo from 25th March), North node along with retrograde Saturn in Libra, Jupiter direct in Gemini, Venus in Capricorn  and April onwards in Aquarius, Mercury joins Sun in Pisces from 4th April. 2 Malefics retro, brings lot of unpredictability in this tournament.

Let’s have a look at prospect of all the main teams here.

This time we have calculated the luck factor and likely performance for each team and assigned certain score to them – higher the score of team based on calculations & position aligned more towards right side on top quadrant augurs well for that team (more chance to qualify for the final stages and win the trophy as well -:) .

Let us look at Group 2, where India is placed along with Australia, West Indies, Pakistan.

India – Team which is more solidly placed in this group is India (net score of approx 7). But hold on, there are certain days which are not favorable for team India and that could also be in knock out stage.

Pakistan – We have just given average rating to Pakistan, don’t expect much from them

Australia – Going as favorites for this tournament by many experts, but we feel Aussie performance is just not going to good enough!

West Indies – 2nd best team in this group as per our calculations, let’s see how far they can go.

Let’s see now for other group, where Sri lanka, South Africa, England and New Zealand are placed. This group, will see more fierce competition and teams here have generally better rating than the other Group.

England – They got good number of points as per our calculation and don’t be surprised if you see them in finals or even lift the Trophy.

New Zealand – Almost as good as England on paper, likely to go far in the tournament.

South Africa – Their performance will move from average to better, but certainly cannot be termed as good; In nutshell, they don’t look like favorites for this tournament.

Sri Lanka – Another team termed as favorites by cricket experts, but Lankans will soon realize the old saying “Cricket is a great leveler” – just back from winning the Asia cup , this tournament is not going to be easy for Lankans.

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Asia Cup Feb/Mar 14

Cricket action now moves to Bangladesh, where India will compete with Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Afghanistan in the 12th edition of the Asia Cup. Indian’s already have suffered a setback as they are with out M.S.Dhoni, who is ruled out because of injury. Let’s see what stars say and how is each team likely to perform.Asia Cup

India – Team India is likely to miss services of M.S Dhoni and they have to particularly look after the bowling department. They may play well, but one or 2 bad performances can kill their chances of lifting the trophy. Our rating is just above average for India

Pakistan – Slow starters, but once they get going, it will be difficult for opposition. Their performance is likely to fall in between average to good.

Sri Lanka – Lankan lions will be out there with bang! Only team we feel can deliver consistent performance. They have best chance to win the trophy.

Bangladesh – Can surprise any big team on their day, but it’s unlikely that they can cause major upset in the tournament.

Afghanistan – Good learning experience for them, that’s all we can say!

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India New Zealand Cricket Prediction, 5 Match ODI series

India and New Zealand clash in a five-match ODI series, beginning in Napier on Sunday, 19th Jan 2014. Indian team lost both the ODI’s in South Africa and performance was below par as expected. There was a persistent problem in the middle order in series against South Africa as both Suresh Raina and Yuvraj failed to deliver. Like past previews, we will look in to the overall ODI series and not by individual match. Let’s see what the stars say for this series – Mercury is transiting in Capricorn and will move in Aquarius on 26th, Sun in Capricorn, Retro Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius and Gemini respectively. Saturn +North Node in Libra.Considering these planetary positions and the horary chart suggests that unlike South Africa series, where Indian team struggled, we believe that things are likely to turn around, so expect some good show from Indians. New Zealand can put a good show, but only in patches and overall they will find it difficult to match it with the strong Indian performance. Our pick for the series is Team India.

Don’t forget to vote and also contribute with your expert comments.

South Africa vs India, ODI Series Dec 2013

As predicted, Team India won the series comfortably against West Indies by 2-1. Indian team has enjoyed success recently by defeating Australia and then a weaker Windies team in ODI format, but in both the series Indians had home advantage. Team India now faces one of its biggest challenges in recent times when it takes on the world No 1 Test team in South Africa. Can team India continue its good performance or South Africans will have the upper hand? Like past both previews, we will look in to the overall ODI series and not by individual match. 3 ODI’s will be played on 5th, 8th and 11th December. Let’s see what stars say – Mercury has changed sign and has moved in Scorpio along with Sun. Mars has moved in Virgo – This planetary  change does not suit Indian team and for the first time in past few months, they will face some serious challenge. South Africans are likely to do well, and will overcome the recent debacle they had against Pakistan in ODI series. We pick South Africa as favorites for this ODI series. Don’t forget to vote for this one and also contribute with your valuable comments.